Amisha Patel birthday: How she celebrates her birthday in the situation of nowadays

You must have heard the name, Amisha Patel. Who played an important role in the Gadar cinema with Sunny Deol. And also in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, which won the audience’s heart by rolling opposite Hrithik Roshan. She is Amisha Patel. The heroine whose name comes out on top in the 90s. Amisha Patel’s name is also included among them.

It has been a long time since Amisha Patel has not done a film. But whenever a movie like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai or Gadar comes in front of people through television. Then Amisha Patel’s name returns to our mind.

Amisha Patel has probably cleared her name from the hearts of people by not doing the film. You would think so. No, it’s your misunderstanding. She may not have returned to the film world, but she remains active on social media for a lot of time.

If you peep into her social media, then you will know easily how often she is active on social media. Mostly if you follow her on Instagram, then you will see the best way that she gives time on social media.

On social media, she shares his many photos, many videos with everyone. If she does any modeling photography, she still shares it on social media.

June 9 Amisha Patel’s birthday, and she has just been a 44-year-old woman. Still, if you see the photo on her social media, you will not understand what is her real age.

Amisha Patel at Mumabi basti

But do you know, how she has celebrated his birthday on today’s day? You would probably think that celebrities would celebrate their birthdays with great fanfare by cutting the cake. Yes, it is also true to some extent. But if someone wants to celebrate his birthday in a very good way by standing in that condition nowadays, he will not be able to do it. Because the spirit inside him will not stop him.

But nothing like this happened to Amisha Patel. She has celebrated his birthday very brilliantly. But do not celebrate like a celebrity. Like a good Indian citizen, she is celebrating his birthday.

She woke up early in the morning on the birthday and took his team to the township of Mumbai. And went there and started arranging sanitary napkins for women and masks and biscuits for the people living there. She succeeded with this objective by joining hands with an NGO organization named Women Respect Foundation. And she has shared all the photos and videos on her Instagram handle as well. Her devoted people are very happy to see her help.

A few days ago, an old video of Amisha Patel went viral on social media. Where Amisha Patel was getting out of a swimming pool. In the caption of this video, she wrote that ‘she is missing the swimming pool a lot.’ This video goes viral, fans of Amisha Patel filled her comment box with praise.

Except for movies like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Ghadar, Amisha Patel has worked in many more movies. And she has also earned a lot of money at the box office in Sub Movie. Except for Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Gadar, she has worked in many superhit films like Prem Katha, Yeh Hai Jalwa, Kya Yeh Pyaar Hai.

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