Essay on social media: A Modern Way to keep us updated

Essay on social media: A platform that we can tell a substitute for the newspaper of modern days. Without even turning a page we get to know. What is happening in the whole world along with a picture description. We can chat with our friends and relatives share pictures, send voice mail almost free of cost. We only need a good internet connection for the smooth use of the social media networks.

What is Social media and the actual meaning

Social media is a platform that enables us to create, share, and view the contents. We can talk with people all around the world through these platforms. If we go through the Cambridge dictionary then the meaning social media would be ‘It is the forms of media that allow people to communicate and share information using the internet or mobile phone.’

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History of Social Media

Social Media believed to be started in the 1840s with the introduction of The Telegraph which connected The United States. PLATO was launched in 1960 developed by the University of Illinois. It was made for the instant messaging features of its message forum application TERM-talk. Then gradually came Talkomatic the first online chatting room. ARPANET in 1967 and many more came gradually in our world as a social media network to connect the world in a single touch Essay on social media.

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Types and examples of Social Media

There are around six types of social media on the internet platform. Social Networking types or examples of Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. These platforms share information and allow chatting facilities with our friends and relatives. As they allow to provide day to day updates and news.
Microblogging types like that of Twitter and Tumblr which allows us to share and receive trending and important posts.


Photo Sharing sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest. These allow us to make daily posts to make us and keep us updated on the works of our friends and family members. They have a feature called story which allows posting pictures, text, and these posts last for 24 hours, and then it gets automatically deleted which keeping us to allow to post and receive daily updates.
Video-Sharing sites like YouTube, Periscope, Vimeo where can share videos made by us on these platforms.

Social Media in our daily life

Firstly if we see from the point of view of normal people they most use websites or apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram for their daily life purpose for chatting or news feed and update their daily life photos in their timeline. They also watch videos on youtube in their free time for getting the ideas and knowledge at any time of the day Essay on social media.

Secondly, the ones who are creative who want to make something and let them view the whole world used youtube if they make videos, if they write the upload them on Facebook or Instagram, and update their daily work on twitter as it is the widely used network around the world.

Benefits of Social Media

Most use of social media facebook

Nowadays there are many apps that give us news for free like daily hunt, Google news, in shorts, etc. These apps give us regular news of what’s going on around the world. Every kind of news update, adds about anything new in the market all we get in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram.

Suddenly if we need to call someone who lives in foreign countries then we cannot as international call charges are very expensive but due to social media apps like WhatsApp, messenger we can call someone living in foreign countries with minimal data charges to any part of the world.

We know that it’s not easy to show your talent in acting, singing or anything else as very few people get chances. Sites like youtube give us the opportunity to independently do anything to record it and upload it to the youtube channel and they help us to show it to the whole world and many of them become public figures in front of the whole world.

Curse of Social Media in the society

As we are using social media much a day we need to be careful of the hackers. Cyber Crime had increased in our society as hackers can access to our account and can get necessary information by asking phone number.

Beyond these there are some cases like hackers take the benefit of middle-class people who want to be rich. They email them that they won a big amount of money in a lucky draw and to deposit a certain amount of money to get the amount of money. Every year millions of people suffer from this crime either lose their money or their personal details are taken for a crime.

Social Impacts

Social media work on the internet as we know but there are some villages where people do not have a proper internet connection. Nowadays online classes have started where students join the teachers and from home, they learn but the students who are in the village lack to join the online classes. In that sense, they think that they cannot learn well and will lack education which would help their future. Many students cannot take this load and ultimately they commit suicide.

As this internet connection discriminates in social media platforms racism doesn’t take in these social media. Here all are people all are considered to befriend in this platform.

As social media keeps us updated by sharing news or facts to everyone with fun its good for our society to keep us educated without studying.

In every country, the government is trying that in every place everyone should have internet so that there remains no discrimination in the social media world which is the main motto to connect everyone and befriend.

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