Favorite actor Bahubali Prabhas has assumed the Green India Challenge

Do you recognize Prabhas? Yes, we are talking about the same Prabhas who played the real character in a big movie like Baahubali. Although he has done many films except Bahubali, only after doing Bahubali cinema, he has put his name among the best stars.

Talking about the popularity of Prabhas, Prabhat is very famous not only in the country but also abroad. And that is because of his love for acting. All actors want a fan base. Prabhas is also one of those lists. Prabhas has created a huge fan base these days only by working in movies like Bahubali, Sahu. Not only in India, he also have a huge fan base in countries outside India.

Prabhas’s movie Baahubali was released in 2016. And released only after that. Bahubali 2. The film was also released in Japan, China, Indonesia, London, and Russia outside of India. Bahubali cinema has also been shown very frequently on television. And he was also praised by the audience for his performance. Foreign audiences have given much love to Prabhas for his acting.

Favorite actor Bahubali Prabhas has assumed the Green India Challenge
Favorite actor Bahubali Prabhas has assumed the Green India Challenge

He did not do any film for many years after Bahubali, Baahubali 2. But after Bahubali 2, he acted in the character of Saaho films Hero. And the film was also released in Japan outside India. The fans too praised him for his performance there. By the way, Prabhas does not like to come in the limelight much. Because the work that he does, the work he talks about, his limelight.

Director people like Prabhas very much. Because each of his works touches the mind of the audience. Every single of his films in the box office also makes a very good income. And Bahubali had broken the record.

Prabhas sometimes acts as a revolutionary, sometimes as a lover. And in every character, he also fits right. A few days ago, Australian cricketer David Warner danced to a song of Prabhas and shared it on social media. And he also spoke the dialogue of Bahubali. This video became very viral in social media.

Some facts about Prabhas

  • Do you know what is the full name of this southern actor, whom we know by the name Prabhas? His real name is Venkat Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. You are probably surprised to see such a big name, but this is his real name.
  • He made his foray into the acting world when he was 20 years old. Prabhas had told in one of his interviews, he was very interested in hotel business since childhood.
  • Do you know what Prabhas’s favorite dish is? We know, Prabhas dish is butter chicken.
  • Do you know that the wax statue of Prabhas, one of the South Indian actors, has been kept in Bangkok’s Madan Tu Soo Museum.
  • Does it also know that after 5 years of conducting SS Bahamubali cinema of operator SS Rajamouli, he did not do any movie.
  • Do you even know this fact? While Bahubali was in the works, Prabhat received more than 6000 marriage proposals. But he has not accepted any proposal.
  • Do you know this fact? Migration is very interesting to read. And there is also a very big library in his house.

Prabhas has assumed the Green India Challenge

Krishnam Raju, the uncle of southern superstar Prabhas, challenged the actor to bring back the balance of nature. Telangana Rashtra Samithi member Santosh Kumar brought the challenge to social media first. And from them, this challenge has spread in the celebrity atmosphere. Now by accepting that challenge, Prabhas is giving a different message all over the social media, all over the world.

Adopted a thousand acres of land. Trees need to be planted to restore the natural balance of the Earth. Green life has been lost in the same concrete forest, one cyclone after another has swept away the city’s big trees. In this situation, Prabhas accepted the challenge and planted a tree in his garden. This picture spread to the world of the net.

Prabhas himself tagged co-actress Shraddha Kapoor to keep the series active. Kappur always loves nature. This time Saho challenged him. Shraddha Kapoor will take the challenge and take new steps. The challenge has also spread to many other southern actors.

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