Gulabo Sitabo the stories behind Purnima Sharma debut

Luck is a very bad thing, it can change anytime. Something similar happened with Purnima Sharma, a resident of Lucknow. Who had no connection from far and wide in the film world. But has become a superstar.

Now, who is Purnima Sharma? And why are we talking about the film world? You know, for the first time in the world, a film has been released directly online, not releasing it in the hall. And the name of that movie is Gulabo Sitabo.


Gulabo Sitabo is a film by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan of the last century and the young actor Ayushmann Khurrana. The story of this film is between a landlord and a renter. Director Shoojit Sarkar has said that, he loved Lucknow in terms of shooting. He even says that if he got the facility to shoot his next film ‘Sardar Udham Singh’ in Lucknow, then he would have shot it there too….

Who is Purnima Sharma in Gulabo Sitabo

We heard a lot of stories. Let’s know now. Or who is Purnima Sharma? And how he got his foot in the film world.

Shoojit Sarkar, director of ‘Gulabo Sitabo’, has said that apart from the main cast of the film, all the actors he has given to this film have picked up from Lucknow or its surrounding areas so that he can keep his surroundings good Can understand from. Actress Purnima Sharma, who plays Ayushmann’s girlfriend Fauzia in the film ‘Gulabo Sitabo’, is also due to this.

Everyone has a dream. But not everyone can touch his or her dream. To touch dreams, it requires hard work. Purnima Sharma also had a dream to work in films. But there was no one from far away in his family. In this way, going to the film world was becoming impossible for Purnima. But you know. Luck is a very bad thing, it can always be reversed. The same happened with Purnima Sharma.

The stories behind Purnima Sharma to debut in Gulabo Sitapur

Purnima is a girl from a middle-class family who always dreamed of going to the movies. Along with her studies, she has always been associated with theater and in the same cycle, she also attended Bharatendu Natya Academy, Lucknow.

When the shooting of ‘Gulabo Sitabo’ reached Lucknow, the film had the idea of ​​taking on local actors in the mind of Shoojit Sircar and he started auditioning for the cast in this academy. Nearly 100 actors were auditioned to play Ayushmann Khurrana’s girlfriend, of which Purnima Sharma topped and was chosen for the role.

Purnima Sharma is a resident of Barely and along with studies and theater, she was also shooting for the film. Now that this film has been released, her character in the film is being appreciated.

One, the background of the film is also Lucknow and Poornima also knows the tone of the place while living in Lucknow for a long time. Hence, she plays a flamboyant Muslim girl well in this film. In the film, Purnima said a dialogue ‘We did not know you are so poor’. This is the era of social media, so many social media are being created on this dialogue.

Debut the little girl Ananya Dwivedi in Gulabo Sitabo

For this time, we have told about Purnima Sharma. But now let’s talk about Ananya, a little girl. This is also the first film of this girl.

Kanpuriya Jalwa will also be seen in Amitabh Bachchan’s much-awaited Lucknowi color style, Gulabo Sitabo. In the film, 10-year-old Ananya Dwivedi of the city plays the character of Ayushman Khurana’s sister. Directed by Shujit Sarkar, the film was released simultaneously on June 12 on Amazon Prime Video in 200 countries.

This is the first film of Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurana which has not reached the cinema hall and directly reached the mobile screen. This is also the first film of Ananya, a resident of Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Naubasta. Father Rahul and mother Pratik told that Ananya played the role of Neetu, sister of Ayushmann Khurrana in the film.

She has many scenes in the film. On the question of entry in the film, the mother said that Ananya was selected to play the role of a sister in the audition held in Lucknow. Ananya has worked in many advertising films before. She teaches in class six and is interested in classical dance.

Ananya says that she will work hard to get into serials and films in the future. It was fun watching Amitabh Uncle’s acting in Gulabo Sitabo. He used to make us all laugh as soon as he got a chance during shooting. Ananya’s mother told that there was a scene of crying in the film. For this, we were asked to remove tears by applying glycerin, but Ananya clapped a lot when she removed the tears without applying glycerin.

Coming on end TV, Kahat Hanuman is the younger brother of Eknagra Ananya who plays Hanuman ji in Jai Shri Ram. Converge is six years old

Ananya’s uncle Rohit and aunt Aparna told that their ancestral residence is in Jhalokhar village of Hamirpur, but now the whole family lives in Kanpur. Ananya and her mother Papa live more in Mumbai in connection with shooting and business. Ananya is staying with her uncle’s aunt these days.

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