Happy International Father’s day- 21ST June 2020

Father’s day is celebrated all around the world to represent the sacrifice made by the father for his child and the family. It is celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of the month June. This year father’s day is celebrated on June 21,2020.


We all know what is the father but father’s day is celebrated only keeping in mind the fatherhood. Respecting the sacrifices of the fathers these days is celebrated. A father who tries to meet all the needs of the family and their child keeping all his wishes aside are fathers. Being a father is not easy.

For a daughter her first love and for a son his first superhero. Who earns for his child and family not for himself are the father. In a quote, it’s said that ‘Father fulfill every kind of wishes of his child he buys a new thing for the family but at the end of the wears the same pair of shoes for his office.’ ‘God can’t be everywhere so he made father.’

A day is given for them to make them happy and feel special as they think of their family before themselves. A father can sacrifice everything for his children to be successful one day in his life.


Father’s day is celebrated first time in America which was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd since 1910. Before 1910, Catholic churches in Europe celebrated Saint Joseph’s Day since middle ages since 1508. Dodd wanted that as mother’s day is celebrated people should also celebrate father’s day to honour the father’s sacrifice and fatherhood.

She wanted her father’s birthday to be celebrated as father’s day on June 5 but instead, first father’s day celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Washington. In 1972, president Lyndon B. Johnson signed a proclamation stating that father’s day to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year.


In India few people are aware of father’s day. Here everyone is aware of mother’s day but very few are aware of father’s day. The few people who are aware of it generally buy gifts for their dad and present them with full of love and an honour to the sacrifices of father.

Father’s day is not too much well known as because Indians think that there shouldn’t be any particular day to celebrate as Father’s day or to be honored as father. A father is respected by his child every single day then for Indians father’s day is just only a celebration for those who remember.


Generally every father’s want to get a special treatment from their child atleast for one day a year. Every child want to present their father with some gifts like a pen, coffee mug, photo album, etc. The only motive of this day to respect the fatherhood. Most of us try to celebrate it by making some favourite dishes of our father and try to make it memorable day of them.


Once there was a man who five children. He lost his wife a few days ago due to illness. He was left with three daughters and 2 sons. He used to work as a construction labor and get paid for everyday work. After work, he used to bring food for him and 5 children. One day her young daughter wished to have a new dress for Diwali and others looked at him to get for the one. He knew that the salary he gets is not enough to eat full stomach but he didn’t deny he said he will buy a new dress for everyone.

Happy Fathers Day

He started working in a new office as a helper to every employee there at night and in the morning he continued his construction works to earn more as the only month is left for Diwali. He told his children a lie that he has to stay in the construction site for a month. He used to work there till 3 pm then he took rest and go to the office for work at 9 pm and work till 4 am and then again start his construction work from 9 am. He kept all his children to his sister’s house and used to spend money on a regular basis.

On the day of Diwali, the man returned will a good dress for all his children. How took a loan from the office to gift his children but bought nothing for him. He knew that his only gift to make him happy is the smile on his children’s face.


Every father take care of their children and help in every way to get successful one day. From the day he become father he give us everything we need not to get back one day but still its our duty to care for him after an age when he gets lack of energy to take care of us.

Its our duty to stop him from working and give respect and fulfill every wishes of him which he cannot fill in his days of work. Its our duty to give him rest and give him feel proud that the dreams he saw for me are all successful and he now he is completely free. Father’s are also humans they also deserve to get what they had given to us.

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