Hollywood Movie Da 5 Bloods Review

Da 5 Bloods Review: Every day some event happens all over the world. And a film is made about this incident. And that film also does a very good income at the box office. Because everybody loves cinema based on true events very much.

Because the thing that people cannot see before their eyes. People want to see the same thing in front of their eyes. And this is why the film is being made over true events. More than any romantic film is made in Bollywood, the film is being made on top of true events. And that film is very much liked by everyone. Not only Bollywood, but it also has a huge impact on Hollywood.

Lockdown is going on all over the world. And that’s why perhaps the film is not being released in the theater. But a movie called Gulabo Sitabo has been released online recently, India. The movie starred Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana.

But we are not going to talk to you about this film right now. I Will talk to you today about another film which is a Hollywood film, and it has been released today. But not in any theater, released online. We are talking about Da 5 Bloods. Today, Da 5 Bloods has been released on Netflix. If you have a Netflix subscription then you can watch this movie.

The subject of Da 5 Bloods film

You must be aware that presidential elections are going to be held in America this year. And before this election, the movement of black citizens has started in America, which has no leader. And meanwhile, a film has arrived in the US. Whose name is Da 5 Bloods. The film has been released online. However, the film is about a Vietnam fight.

But here is the entry of the director and his thinking. That is, of Spike Lee, the best director (actor) of the current era, who changed the way of showing blacks on screen. As soon as the release of this film, American politics has been shaken slightly.

The story before the movie direct

The story is such that Kevin Willmott wrote a film on the Battle of Vietnam. In which four friends, who took part in the fight, return to Vietnam after nearly forty years. One of the men in his group, who was the leader, was searching for the corpse. Five friends hence the name Da 5 Bloods. According to the story Kevin wrote, all five soldiers were white, ie white American soldiers.

The story after the movie direct

But when Spike Lee’s entry, he changed this story. In the story, white soldiers were made black, some black heroes were brought in, a little history was added, the script changed to a great extent. And then it was shown, which shows the mirror to the society. Because of which the name of the Black Movement released in America gets attached to this film.

Da 5 Bloods movie release time

Every time Spike Lee does something different, and this time the same thing happened with Da 5 Bloods film. This time too, he did something different. A film whose story was simple. But he made history by reversing that story. History which is very much discussed in America today.

Explain the release of Da 5 Bloods cinema, the cinema was already decided at the time of release. But we have such good fortune, the story of which this cinema was about. All over America is already repeating that story today.

Quality of this film

There is some movie that does not look good in the early stages. But when you start going in-depth with that movie, the more you will like that movie. During the film of about two and a half hours, you will feel like it is going to be very long, but this film requires restraint. Like recently came The Irishman was very long but was very good in terms of quality.

Da 5 Bloods begins with live footage of Mohammad Ali, Malcolm X is also entered. Then a short time later Marten Luther King also arrives. That is, all those people whose names come today, thousands of people are on the streets of America and the White House is challenging the white pillars of America.

Around 1965 when the Battle of Vietnam was at its peak. So Mohammad Ali refused to take part in the battle of Vietnam, after which he also had to face legal action for him. After about ten years, Ali had told in an interview why he did not go.

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