Ankush is overwhelmed by the success of Magic | What he talks about the success of Magic

Even after spending several years in the industry, Ankush Hazra has had to get some momentum to get rid of the ‘Abhinaya Na’ tag. However, under the direction of Raja Chander, ‘Magic’ has opened a new door for him. The actor said, “Magic proved that hardcore commercial actors can also act differently. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. ”

Not just for yourself, Ankush is not happy. The box office is full of magic jokes. The actor himself said, “Some singleplex have not seen the collection in the last 6 years, ‘Magic’ has brought that amount of money. Many exhibitors also called me and thanked me. After many years, there was a houseful board in Singleplex. ”

ankush the success of Magic
ankush the success of Magic

Ankush said the magic is getting better in multiplexes as well as singleplex. The actor is overwhelmed to know that the viewers who are usually avoiding ‘commercial’ films are also watching this film. Excitement is in Ankush’s throat, “If it was before Kovid, maybe Magic would have done more business. But even after this difficult time, what he has done in the first two days is nothing less. ” Released in 2016, ‘Ki Kare Toke Balbo’ alone did a business of Rs 45 lakh at Saraswati Pujo. Covid later did half the magic. But the actor thinks that the movie will return with time. The total budget of this film is 1 crore 80 lakh rupees. Combined with Satellite Wright and the box office, the full cost is expected to rise in the producer’s house in two weeks.

The first picture after the lockdown. ‘Hit’ badge at the box office. On top of that again on the big screen for the first time with girlfriend Andrila Sen. Would ‘magic’ be any more special for that reason? As soon as the question was thrown, Anukush replied, “Breaking the pair of me and Andrila did not hit ‘Magic’. Made for a good story, good management, and acting. Because there is a real-life pair in this film, dance songs were not forced into it. ”

The form of Bengali film is changing. A new kind of picture is being made coming out of the remake genre. That is what Ankush thinks. In his words, “Good pictures, good content should be warmly invited. We have to respect our industry. It is not possible to find fault with everything for no reason. ” In this context, the actor drew the attention of the South Indian audience. “Just as the people of South India respect their industry, in the same way, the viewers here must love Bengali films,” said Ankush.

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