Soujanno-Gungun went to Digha. So did they suddenly go on a honeymoon?

Soujanno-Gungun Dighaya? Are they spending time alone? More surprising, no one in the family with them! Although Gungun feared, courtesy would take him to the resort! But no, courtesy has taken him to the glittering resort. The netizens are busy trying to spread such a video from the pages of ‘Kharakuto’ fans. Is this love the result of Gungun’s suicide?Gungun was knocked down after taking only 1 sleeping pill of Jathan. The response fell on the Mukherjee family. Why did he commit suicide? Saujanno brought him inside the house unconscious though he regained consciousness. That’s when the courtesy promised, “I’m telling you in front of everyone, I’ll never do anything wrong again.” As a result, fans try to see the clipping in pairs.The real story is different though. At the moment, the chemistry of ‘Saugun’ has put the series in the slot leader’s seat. To whom the chemistry of the faded seal-conch is also present. A private resort in Digha has used the popularity of the two characters in their promotion. Kaushik Roy and Trina Saha have been seen as Soujanya in their advertisement video. Where the resort has sung the Gungun in its own way to Gungun.This is why the fans of ‘Kharakuto’ are very happy. Their favorite ‘Saugun’ will also be seen outside the series, who would have thought!

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