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DjM The Artistic Lens mainly produces photography, videography & short films. Represents the Bengali language, culture & promoting Bangali to the whole world.

We are

DjM The Artistic Lens mainly produces photography, videography, & short films. In 2016, when the founder of this organization, Shri Deepjyoti Modak, started our organization, then his name was “DjM The PhotoFACTORY”.

“DjM The Artistic Lens” represents the Bengali language, culture & also we are promoting the Bangali to the whole world. In the same way that we proudly speak of the city of our soul, Kolkata also is known as Kallolini Tilottama, in the court of the world, and describe its beauty, we present to the whole world every new talented artist from India and India through our art. With a new talented artist for every human being, we want to prove to the whole world that there will never be a shortage of art in the world, no matter who is lacking in the world.

Our Latest Work

What We Do?


When capturing an image camera, we especially try to capture the movement of something that is sudden or unexpected, that is, capturing the camera.


When it comes to making videography, we use all sorts of methods, in some cases we even take the help of graphics, but needless to say, it should not be mixed with short films and any documentaries.


When it comes to interviewing, we interview only established people, but not at all. One of our responsibilities is to inform the society about the lower castes.

Social media

Since our only job is to entertain the audience, our main goal is to introduce the audience to our work through social media.

Food Blog

There is no religion of food, every food, and every food preparation company has some history, basically, we just try to introduce the famous shops with these histories and some of the famous food of Kolkata.


In the case of films, we write some reviews with the opinion of the audience. In this case, we respect and honor every film equally.


Meet Our Designer and Writer

Tanmay Roy


Subham Saha